I have more questions; how can I reach you?

We welcome all questions and can even chit chat with you. Please reach us at

Can Sellers also be a Transporter?


Will I be charged for the time it takes the transporter to go to the pickup location?

No, you are only billed for the distance between the pickup location and delivery location.

Is there a specific type of car/truck/van needed to become a Transporter?

No, as long as your car/truck can fit the item the Buyer or Seller needs transported.

Can I track the delivery?

Your Transporter will have the option to manually update the status of your delivery. He or she will be able to update the delivery on three (3) occasions
1) When he or she picks up the product
2) When he or she is on their way to deliver it to you
3) After he or she delivers the product to you.

Can I use the Transportation services outside HQ Demand’s platform?

Yes, you can use the Transportation services to order items you purchased from other outlets and physical stores.

Is it safe to use the Transportation System?

HQ Demand verifies all Transporters before they can transport through our platform. This includes running a background check and verifying their driver’s license. Additionally, you can rely on ratings of a particular Transporter by other users.

My pickup and drop-off location reads zero miles, yet I am charged $10 for transportation fees, why is this?

We understand your concern. We charge a base fee of $10 to compensate Transporters whenever your pickup and drop-off location reads zero miles. We are yet to wrap our heads around the fact that there could really be a zero miles delivery distance. To ensure our Transporters are compensated for their time and gas, we charge this base fee in such situations.