Transaction Code

Where do I enter the Transaction code after my physical transaction?

1) Go into the message between you and the other party for that specific product.
2) Click on the “3 dot menu” at the upper right hand corner.
3) Click on scan code.
4) Enter the code given to you by the other party.

Why the one hour wait time before anything is done from when the Transaction code is entered?

The one hour wait time is to ensure the safety of both parties by avoiding further confrontations. This will ensure you get to a safe place away from the other party before we can either close out the transaction as successful or begin an investigation.

What is the Transaction Code?

The transaction code is a verification system to help make cash/physical transactions safer for the community, and prompt early reporting. It is two different codes; one signifies a successful transaction, and the other signifies a red alert.

What happens if I was mistakenly given the red alert code?

We understand that there is a likelihood of this happening and we ask that you do not panic. Please contact our team at and cooperate with our investigations. Once it is confirmed that the code was entered in error, your account will be reactivated.

I have more questions; how can I reach you?

We welcome all questions and can even chit chat with you. Please reach us at

What happens when the other user enters the code, I gave them?

When the other party enters your code, the app will immediately verify the code to ensure they were given either the STC or RAC. If none of this was entered, the app will return an invalid code message. If one of the codes was entered, the app will confirm the code is valid.

After that, one of these two (2) things will happen:
1) If you gave them the STC, the app will automatically close out the transaction after one hour from when the code was entered, and you won’t have to do anything.
2) If you gave them the RAC, the app will immediately dispatch police to your meet-up location. After an hour of the code was entered, their account will be blocked pending investigation.

When do I use the Successful Transaction Code (STC) or the Red Alert Code (RAC)?

You are to use either code each time you conduct a physical transaction with Sellers, Buyers, and Transporters. Use the Successful Transaction Code (STC) if you had no safety concern/issue during your transaction. However, use the Red Alert Code (RAC) if you encounter safety issues during your transaction.