6 Trends that will Shape Retail in 2021

Many of the retailers are happy to put 2020 far behind because it has disrupted the patterns of online shopping. Due to long lockdowns and terrible pandemic conditions, 2020 was a bruising year for everyone, specifically for online retailers. Online retailers have faced enough in 2020, so they need to plan and re-build the strategies […]

Augmented Reality Shopping and the Future of Online Retail

Augmented Reality and Future of Online Retails

In today’s world, People are more comfortable shopping online whilst using their mobile phones as it’s just a one-click buying experience. Mobile shopping has now become a trend. So retailers are looking for ways to make themselves more appealing to their buyers. Web pages and apps are key here for marketing, showcasing, and winning customers. […]

5 reason why Marketing is Important for every Business

Marketing is an important factor to build brand awareness. It does not only strengthens your brand but also helps you stay ahead of your competitors. Marketing is a key to secure loyal customers, define your boundaries in the diluted marketplace, and bring better insights for your sales. A better marketing plan helps to push your […]

Use Social Media to build your Brand | Simple tips and Tricks to Increase Engagement

Social media is considered a go-to website for billions of people to visit online stores every day. Having a social media presence gives you the ability to grab people’s eyes and drive people’s interest in your company. There’s still plenty of competition for billions of individuals online. That’s why you need to find ways to […]

How to evaluate your Competitors | 5 Steps to conduct your Competitive Analysis

To get your business on top of the list, you need to build successful business strategies. You have to come up with unique products and services that stand out from your competitors. Therefore, it is important to evaluate your competitors by conducting a competitor analysis. Competitor Analysis Competitive analysis helps you identify your competitive brand’s […]

5 ways to Increase Trust in E-commerce

E-commerce depends on trust and transparency. It is not easy to gain the customer’s trust in an online setting than a traditional brick-to-mortar setup. Eventually, establishing trust is considered substantial in e-commerce. The entire machinery of e-commerce works on the wheel of trust.  Online retailers trust the customers for prompt payment, customers trust the online […]

Merge of Different Dimensions to Update Business

Be a Buyer, Seller, and Transporter all at one Sole Platform Technology has emerged a lot in this era. In order to fulfill every task, there is a separate application available online but the remnant of everything is hard to handle. Consequently, people consider it difficult to choose one sole platform which deals with all […]

7 Tips for Branding Yourself or Business on HQ Demand Marketplace

When it comes to branding, just think “every little thing matter”. Yes, you are just one default aware from losing a sale, from turning a one-time customer to a returning customer. In this article, we share quick tips on how to brand yourself and or business on HQ Demand’s marketplace. 1. Choose a great profile […]

Branding Yourself as an Individual or Small Business Seller Online

You want your business to stand out, without feeling like a sell-out. Companies, small businesses, products, and individuals all have brands. If you’re lucky enough to be pursuing your career goals selling products or services online, it can make for a pretty dreamy job title. But no matter what, having a strong brand image and […]

4 Pro Tips on Becoming a Top Online Seller on HQ Demand

Are you new to selling on HQ Demand? Are you already a pro and have figured some tricks, but still hungry to learn more? We dedicate this article to helping you become the best seller on HQ Demand. Below are some tricks and tips so when you sell on HQ Demand, you’re going to be […]