Why are products greyed out on my profile?

A greyed out product signifies an active transaction that is about to close within an hour. If you recently exchanged your Transaction Code with a Buyer or Transporter for a particular product, that product will be greyed out and not clickable to other Buyers from the time the Transaction codes were entered. Within an hour, that product will be marked sold or placed on hold depending on the Transaction code entered.

I have more questions; how can I reach you?

We welcome all questions and can even chit chat with you. Please reach us at

Can Buyers video call me at any time?

Buyers can only video call you within the availability window set by you. Just like you have physical store business hours; If Buyers try to video call you outside your availability window, they will have to message you first or book a different time for you to approve.

What is the “My Calendar” under my profile?

Your Calendar is where you can set your availability window for Buyers to video call you. Think of this as your physical store business hours. Buyers will only be able to call you during those times you set. Else, they will have to message you first or request a video call appointment window.