Merge of Different Dimensions to Update Business

Be a Buyer, Seller, and Transporter all at one Sole Platform

Technology has emerged a lot in this era. In order to fulfill every task, there is a separate application available online but the remnant of everything is hard to handle. Consequently, people consider it difficult to choose one sole platform which deals with all the issues and problems confronted in e-commerce.

But do not distress!

HQ Demand brings a novel app for its lovers. Where you can buy and sell your goods through a virtual connection and more. HQ Demand provide its users a merge of various capacities. Such as, you can be a buyer, seller, and transporter all at one sole platform.

Loss? What is that?

You as a seller on HQ Demand fear for a loss? No way! We provide the best platform for our sellers to get a better understanding of what the buyer is looking for. As a seller, your aim is to sell an experience to your buyers, not really your product. When you sell experience through great customer service, you earn a repeat client. This is what we make possible when you sell on HQ Demand. We provide you with the tools and best platform to provide great customer service experience. An experience that is welcoming to your customers. An experience that builds trust and transparency. This turns the key to convert one-time clients to repeat clients, hence sales can only keep growing with our sellers as compared to any other platform.

Do you want to sell your products via HQ Demand?

Here You Go!

  • Initiate your business NOW with HQ Demand.
  • Promote your products.
  • Increase your sales.
  • Gain your Potential Customers.
  • Enjoy the earnings.

Stop Surfing and Start Buying

We know you surf a lot and it takes time for you to finally say “That’s what I was looking for!!!”. There must be a platform where you can find a merge of everything. Well, good days are now here. HQ Demand provides a wide range of best quality products on some clicks if you are looking for products, commodities, and entities or anything, we have all in our backpack. We provides to the buyer, the best products, as per their needs, in just a few clicks.

HQ Demand is the only platform where our sellers come with their best products and top notch customer service mindset. We provide our Buyers a means to virtually verify all products and sellers, hence our Sellers are mindful of the expectation from them to you.

Are you looking for a protected and swindles free platform to purchase?

You are Ready to Buy it form HQ Demand!

  • Check the specifications of the product.
  • Consider its reviews and rating before purchase.
  • Communicate with your seller directly.
  • Need to better connect with a seller and clarify your questions? Enable the video calling feature.   There you will find an immediate one on one contact with your seller.

Let’s Deliver

That’s not all, HQ Demand also provides the best platform to its users to earn money by delivering products. We know, in today’s overpriced world, where one source of income doesn’t meet the needs of the family. People look for other part-time options for earning. Facilitating people with transport service is one of the common means of side-income.

HQ Demand is now providing such platform for people who want to feel comfortable with their jobs. Be a part of a growing delivery service that caters for its Transporters, where transporters are allowed to set their own charges per mile.

All You Need to do is!

  • Apply in seconds to become a Transporter on HQ Demand app.
  • Set your transportation charges per mile.
  • Get transportation request.
  • Ship the product to the delivery address.
  • Get your payment right away.

Considering the merge of various capabilities, If you have something more to add on the list. Please comment below! 
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