How to Earn Customer Trust when you have Zero Sales or Reviews

How to Earn Customer’s Trust when you have Zero Sales or Reviews

Imagine you are visiting an online store for the very first time. You are not aware of the company, the quality of its products, or the attention to customer satisfaction. In that case, you’ll check for the feedback from past customers, like most consumers, searching for some signs that the company met their needs.

Now, if your e-commerce shop is brand new with no sales yet, and thus no feedback or social data to use, how can you resolve the confidence gap to instill faith in potential customers? This is a dilemma that must be faced by almost every new business.

When you don’t have any clients, Customer trust is the hardest thing to win.

Yet, before they want to buy from you, you need to gain consumer confidence. Fortunately, there are many ways you can solve this problem to create trust and expand your e-commerce company.

1- Humanize your Business

As customers, we, at first glance, are skeptical about brands. After all, their ultimate purpose is to make money. Yet, we are more open to trusting people. That’s why revealing the human side of your brand is one way to combat customer skepticism. Consider introducing yourself to your clients, significantly, if it would add authenticity and legitimacy to your brand. If you were selling goods that you make yourself – tell your customers how it all started and your pride of hand making another product that will make its way into their home. Some significant points to keep in mind are:

  • Show what you have
  • Be transparent
  • Sound humane
  • Show off your staff
  • Turn your employees into brand promoters
  • Focus on social media marketing

2- Create Interesting Content

To build an image, many marketing teams don’t always have a designer at their disposal. They need the author’s post for suggestions, motivation, and input. Note that photos should always complement the content and help visitors understand what you’re talking about easily and quickly.

Here is a lifesaver tip for you before you start looking or worrying about pictures – think about the tone you want your visitors to talk about. It alters what kind of picture you can use. For instance, if you’re going to speak more seriously, don’t use soft humor images that contrast with your blog post’s tone.

Content can also help customers become more familiar with your brand, especially if you share stories and establish a separate voice for the brand. The personality behind your brand can demonstrate all these things and make people feel like they know you and can trust you.

3- Tell them they are your priority

Once a wise man said, “Customer is not always right. But they still have to feel respected.” Therefore, try to get the problems of your customers and be a problem solver. The simple ways through which you can communicate to your customers that you value their business are:

  • Make sure they are heard
  • Be proactive with happy customers
  • Be nice while communicating
  • Keep track of conversations
  • Build understandable relations with your customers
  • Address their problems
  • Use email for customer service

4- Always offer a refund and an acceptable return policy

What’s the one thing that would automatically make you feel better about buying if you were on the edge of making a purchase? An adequate return policy.

The policies for good returns are seen as a symbol of quality customer service. They demonstrate that you give importance to the customer experience and trust your product, so much so that customers can send it back for a refund if they don’t like it.

Return policies instantly reduce the possible risk taken by your consumers when shopping online. If you give free returns within thirty days, no questions asked, customers, will be far more likely to buy from you. If you can’t afford to provide all your client’s free returns, consider providing it only to the loyalty program members.

5- Available for Customer Support

Consumers who are uncertain about your brand can reach you via many different methods, including your site’s contact form, email, and social media accounts. They may want to know about return policies, delivery dates, or information about other items.

A customer service tip-of-the-day is one of the tools we use to keep our support staff on their toes and our business culture on track. We want to share our best tips with you in this article, so you can use them to deliver a crash course in fantastic customer service to your support team.

  • Be accessible
  • Don’t be stiff
  • Use positive language
  • Always praise your Customer
  • Use customer service templates
  • Surprise your Customer with offline Thank You
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6- Give samples and examples

Removing all the risk, product samples, or giveaways will create interest in your company and inspire confidence. It’s not for every company to give clients the ability to “try before you buy”. But if you sell a product that you can afford to give away in limited amounts (such as food), you can first gain consumer trust in the product and then turn it into paying customers more quickly afterward. You can win the trust of your customers by making small efforts, like:

  • Show them reviews
  • Involve influencers
  • Distribute free samples
  • Use strong FAQ



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