Move your Traditional Business into Online Selling

Are you ready to move your traditional physical store into the world of online selling? Have you ever wonder how instantly a brick-and-mortar setup turns into an online setting and generates sales like never before? If you think it’s something that you cannot achieve then you have landed on the right page. This article will […]

Augmented Reality Shopping and the Future of Online Retail

Augmented Reality and Future of Online Retails

In today’s world, People are more comfortable shopping online whilst using their mobile phones as it’s just a one-click buying experience. Mobile shopping has now become a trend. So retailers are looking for ways to make themselves more appealing to their buyers. Web pages and apps are key here for marketing, showcasing, and winning customers. […]

Benefits of Using Online Marketplaces – 2020

The online marketplace is a platform (app/website) that allows shopping from different sources. The marketplace operator does not own any inventory. Its business is to present a customer with the stock of other people and facilitate a transaction. The online marketplace is a type of multichannel e-commerce and can be a way to streamline the […]

COVID-19 Pushes for Digital Business (E-business E-commerce)

COVID-19 has not only struck mankind but also pushed us against the wall. Due to lockdown and restrictions, businesses are suffering a lot, and as a result frustration among shareholders is increasing. Traditional ways of business have failed so now is the time for innovation. It’s time for you to act swiftly and innovate. If your business has been traditionally in-person (AKA Bricks and Mortar) […]

Merge of Different Dimensions to Update Business

Be a Buyer, Seller, and Transporter all at one Sole Platform Technology has emerged a lot in this era. In order to fulfill every task, there is a separate application available online but the remnant of everything is hard to handle. Consequently, people consider it difficult to choose one sole platform which deals with all […]

Adding Innovation in Customer Support for Better Buying and Selling

Considering the importance of innovation and novelty in such modern times, HQ Demand brings you a better option for buying and selling. The intention is to add innovation in customer support and provide its users with a quality experience. HQ Demand HQ Demand is a novel app which has created an ease in subsists of […]

7 Tips for Branding Yourself or Business on HQ Demand Marketplace

When it comes to branding, just think “every little thing matter”. Yes, you are just one default aware from losing a sale, from turning a one-time customer to a returning customer. In this article, we share quick tips on how to brand yourself and or business on HQ Demand’s marketplace. 1. Choose a great profile […]

Branding Yourself as an Individual or Small Business Seller Online

You want your business to stand out, without feeling like a sell-out. Companies, small businesses, products, and individuals all have brands. If you’re lucky enough to be pursuing your career goals selling products or services online, it can make for a pretty dreamy job title. But no matter what, having a strong brand image and […]