Background Check

I have more questions; how can I reach you?

We welcome all questions and can even chit chat with you. Please reach us at

How many years back do you guys check on background checks?

We only go as far as 7 years back

How long is the background check process

Our goal is a 24-hour turnaround. However, due to processing times, some background checks can take between 1-5 days or more in some cases.

Can I dispute information contained in my background check report?

Absolutely yes. If you find any information you think is incorrect with your background check information, please follow the directions in the email you receive from us or from our third-party vendor to dispute the information. Your request will be followed up immediately.

If you run a background check on me, what could make me ineligible to be a Transporter?

For the safety of the community and trust in the Transportation system, if any of the items below are found in your background check report, you will be ineligible to become a Transporter with us:
i. Suspended, Expired, or Revoked Driver’s License
ii. Mismatched or Unconfirmed Driver’s License Information
iii. Fraud iv.Embezzlement
v. Trafficking / Kidnapping
vi. Sex Offender vii.Domestic Violence
viii. Criminal Records