Adding Innovation in Customer Support for Better Buying and Selling

Considering the importance of innovation and novelty in such modern times, HQ Demand brings you a better option for buying and selling. The intention is to add innovation in customer support and provide its users with a quality experience.

HQ Demand

HQ Demand is a novel app which has created an ease in subsists of potential buyers and sellers. By using HQ Demand you can interact with people for better buying and selling of goods. Therefore to maintain the suitability and appropriateness HQ Demand has introduced a platform with the help of that customers can video call each other to negotiate deals among themselves for a better and quality experience!

Video Calling brings you to the next level of innovation

Video calling doesn’t only permit interactive communication but it also creates a bridge in winning the trust of customers and improves productivity. The built-in feature of video calling in HQ Demand iOS and Android app will allow its user to maintain a two way augmented relationship without hesitating a fear of scam or fraud.

There are several benefits of online buying and selling but having a video calling feature is another landmark. Video calling lets the customers to promptly decide what they are hypothetical to buy. It gives its customers a novel experience of buying and selling. Video calling is favorable for both sellers and buyers in different ways.

Video can help you decide Faster

Your Customer’s needs are not always apparent and there is just so much you can do when you talk to them on the phone or when you type words in a chat box. Your customers need detailed and specific answers to questions that are hard to explain using just words.  For example, your customers can ask for details and the textures of the product you are offering. During such situations, it’s much more efficient to hop on a video call because when you see something on video, it can help you decide faster, instead of going through multiple back-and-forths.

You can Connect better with your Customers

Several e-commerce websites offer a substantial benefit of live chats. But it can never meet the level of service which in-person interactions can offer. Video calling opens the way for your customers to interact with them face to face. Having your customers on video calls allows you to better communicate with them. Because this will help you to read their facial expressions and gauge their reactions.

You can Stand Out from your Competitors

Jumping in exclusivity and engaging your customers via video calling can stand you out from your competitors because this feature is still untapped in the field of e-commerce. You can easily increase your customers by winning their trust over the quality of the product. Video calling allow your customers to have a virtual check of the products they are interested in.

Video calling resists Frauds

By dealing with your customers face to face lowers the chance of scam or fraud. You would be getting what you’re seeing on a video call. This feature exclusively provides its customers a scam free ambiance where they can trust over sellers.

We aim to provide a resilient experience to our users and the major intention is adding innovation in customer support. We are leading to give the novel tech involvement for both the buyers and sellers and create an energetic shopping environment.

If you would like to add innovation to your customer service experience for better buying and selling,

Then Download HQ Demand’s app now from Google Play Store or Apple Store

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