Now you can buy & sell quality
and verifiable products through HQ Demand

Have you ever wondered how you can verify the quality of the products you want to buy online?

Have you been looking for a way to meet and negotiate with your customers from anywhere?

If yes, then HQ Demand is here for you

Welcome to HQ Demand!

HQ Demand is an online app that connects users (sellers and buyers) for effective communication through a real-time video call to confirm a product’s functionality and quality before transacting. Our platform links buyers and sellers together to trade with ease through our unique approach of creating a hyper-local marketplace that makes your shopping experience exceptionally easy and fun. HQ DEMAND provides all your essentials from an intuitive modernized browsing platform to payments, including mobile payments, secured shopping cart, and shipping.

Amazing features to convince you to use our Application

Video Chatting Feature

With our efficient video chatting feature, you can negotiate and make business transactions from the comfort of your living room as it helps you reach your customers wherever you’re selling.

Buyers, you don’t need to drive miles away to see a product as you can virtually travel to meet the seller and inspect the goods thoroughly before making payments.

Transaction Code System

We have a highly secured pin code system that ensures the safety of our users during cash transactions and helps us to accurately track all transactions that were completed through the app.

The pin code structure is programmed with a system that automatically alerts the Police when a red alert pin code is entered. It also ensures your transaction is closed and completed, when you enter a transaction successful code.

Transportation Category

Do you have a truck to transport large items like couches, dressers, chest, washers and dryers, et cetera? You can now negotiate with buyers or sellers on the platform and help them convey all items or goods purchased through the platform or any other platform at a reasonable and affordable price set by you.

About the Founder

Ikechukwu Christian-Ezeofor is the founder and CEO of HQ Demand.
He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing
Engineering and is currently studying Industrial Engineering (MSc) with focus in Engineering Management. He is a self-driven individual with an innovative mind to change the world.

Ikechukwu has overcome complex business challenges and made high stake choices using experience-backed decisions. As an innovative investor, he uses instinct, insight and judgment to succeed no matter how tough the deal is.

In his ideas for HQ DEMAND, Ikechukwu plans to change the world of online shopping experience for shoppers by eliminating online scams by providing a means for shoppers to virtually verify a product’s functionality and quality.