5 ways to increase trust in Ecommerce

5 ways to Increase Trust in E-commerce

E-commerce depends on trust and transparency. It is not easy to gain the customer’s trust in an online setting than a traditional brick-to-mortar setup. Eventually, establishing trust is considered substantial in e-commerce.

The entire machinery of e-commerce works on the wheel of trust.  Online retailers trust the customers for prompt payment, customers trust the online marketplace to sell them legitimate goods, and sellers trust the marketplace’s owner to give them their dues on time. This is how the wheel of trust works, and everyone is connected by a fine thread called trust.

According to the survey, 22% out of 24,000 users of the internet said they never shop online, whereas 49% gave a lack of trust as a reason. Hence, there is a limitation of both physical contact and the ability to test the professionalism of the suppliers and retailers in an online setting.

A slip from either of the parties can bring down business like a house of cards. Therefore, winning and sustaining customer’s confidence is key to the success of e-commerce. In this article, we will tell you 5 significant and proven ways to humanize your e-commerce store and gain the trust of your customers as they do on their near and dear ones.

1- Be transparent

Make your business more inviting to your customers. Give them a reason to trust you over other retails. Usually, in an online business, you do not have a physical presence, and you can only rely on digital media to build trust. Hence, it is necessary to have a proper process that customers can easily understand and reciprocate, like;

  • How quickly can they place an order?
  • How can they call for a refund?
  • What would be an exchange for the refund goods?
  • How quickly can they change the product?

An online business needs to fulfill some more things to increase the trust of the customers and make their business more welcoming and inviting.

2- Focus on Customer’s Protection Rules

People trust more rules and regulations than any verbal talks. Therefore, businesses need to focus more on customer’s protection rules, which could help them build trust. Almost every country has a legal framework for customer protection, but only 52% have updated theirs to cover online settings. Consequently, it must focus more on customer protection rules than any marketing strategy and digital campaigning.

3- Give them a reason to trust you

When you are running an online business, you must sound credible and reliable because your customers expect to be supplied with authentic goods from legit suppliers. When consumers purchase goods, a significant challenge to their trust in online sales is finding fake or counterfeit goods. Here are some ways how to give them a reason to trust you;

  • Do not exaggerate products in images.
  • Deliver genuine products.
  • Deliver on time.
  • Always offer them a refund.

4- Stay Active and Be Social

Social media has the power to influence people to shop and sell. It is the most persuasive and significant tool that can change customer’s behavior.  Therefore, you must stay active on all the social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, to increase the trust of your customers. Incorporate different strategies to build up their confidence and allow them an open room to continue trusting you.

  • Don’t consider your profits, target their interests.
  • Stay active always and respond on time
  • Be vigorous and keep up with the tactics of social media.
  • Always use a polite and professional tone.
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5- Seek Feedback

Reviews and recommendations help visitors trust you more. Therefore, always ask your customers for feedback and reviews. Depending upon the feedback, be very diligent about taking remedial steps to better your customers. This will help you to win in the long run in making your customers trust your brand more.

Point to Ponder

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