4 Pro Tips on Becoming a Top Online Seller on HQ Demand

Are you new to selling on HQ Demand? Are you already a pro and have figured some tricks, but still hungry to learn more? We dedicate this article to helping you become the best seller on HQ Demand. Below are some tricks and tips so when you sell on HQ Demand, you’re going to be at the top of your game.

The Customer Comes First

We all know the saying, “the customer is always right,” and there is some truth to that. Practicing excellent customer service will more likely convert a one-time buyer into a potential returning customer.


Build Trust

Let your customers know they can trust you. Purchasing an item over the internet can be risky and uncomfortable for some. If you use the HQ Demand video chat feature to help give potential buyers a better peace of mind you will see more success and long term customers than you can find on other selling platforms. Once they know you’re an honest, reliable, and trustworthy seller, the more likely they are to press the ‘buy’ button; and then press it again and again.

Sell High-Quality Products

With so many options to sell online today, buyers have a never-ending pool of shops, places, and people to purchase items from. Only sell good quality items to help build a trusted online brand. The key here is to try and find returning buyers who have already had a pleasant experience.

Always be open and honest about the condition of your products and let your buyers know what to expect. If you are selling used items let your customers know what condition they are in.

Be Timely and Responsive

Use the chat features of our selling app to your advantage. The rise of online shopping has changed the way we shop. The days of going into a store, picking out an item, and heading to the cash register are no longer desirable for many. One advantage of traditional shopping was one-on-one communication with the sales associate.

Our app brings back that personal touch missed in the world of e-commerce. Users can chat and video call with sellers to ask questions, take a closer look at the product and allow them to feel less robotic. If you are available and communicate with people looking at your products, you can be more successful in buying and selling products online.

…….. What? …….. What next you asked? …….. Oh, let’s jump on it already and make some money. Download HQ Demand app now available on Google Play Store and begin selling.

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